Generous June

There is a diocese-wide initiative taking place this month to help us all consider our giving. Here are some excellent resources which you may find helpful:

The website:

A sermon from the Bishop of Sheffield:

Two sermons from the Bishop of Basingstoke:


Everything God wants to give you is free! His mercy and love are free! Friendship with him and eternal life are free! Being a part of the family of God in the local Church is free! Having the peace an purpose of being part of God’s kingdom is free!

That doesn’t mean that being a Christian isn’t costly. Christians respond to the free gift of God by bringing their lives under his authority. That means that mature Christians seek to act, speak and think in a way that reflects his authority. That means too that a mature Christian will be generous with what God has given them: generous with time, talents, creativity, energy and, yes, money.

Even if our Churches had lots of money (they don’t), it would still be right for us to be generous with what we give to the ministry of our two parishes. Your giving enables our parishes to continue to love and serve the community and share the message of Jesus Christ.

The Church of England recommends sacrificial giving of 5% of your income to the work of the Gospel. Some in our parishes give more than that, but whatever you can give, it is always useful and always appreciated.

We would love you to consider supporting us using the Parish Giving Scheme (PGS). This direct debit programme collects gift aid for us (if applicable), can be adjusted by you with ease and can be linked to inflation if you choose. Find out more with this link:

You can register using the link. When you do so you will need the parish name and code. You can give either to Hinton Parish (St Michael and All Angels) or Bransgore Parish (St Mary the Virgin with All Saints Thorne Hill).

Bransgore Parish code: 416009021

Hinton Parish code: 416009182

Thank you so very much for the consideration you are able to give to support our work!