Calling St Michael’s, Thorney Hill and St Mary’s – it’s time for the Benefice to Party!

Let me introduce myself, I’m sausage stew. On the 18th December my friends and I, (such as jacket potatoes, homemade soup, sausage rolls, crisps, sandwiches and many more!) are going to be at St Mary’s.

All you have to do to meet (and eat) us is come to St Mary’s service at 10.30 am (no cheating and turning up afterwards!!). Please bring some food as well if you would like to join the party.

We’d love to see you, and if tasty food isn’t enough there is an amazing Sunday School for the kids and a great talk for the adults with some fantastic hymns.

Please come to the service tomorrow to worship the Lord Jesus Christ – we’d love to see you!




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