St Michael’s – Damp Work Update

The builders have progressed well on the work to rectify the damp problem in Church and are running to time.  The major work has been completed; new carpet has been fitted throughout the nave and the pews are now back in place.  There are still a few details to be completed and the builders are optimistic that  all work will be completed by the end of February.  Therefore, we are calling on as many volunteers as possible to join us on Friday 3rd March at 3.00 p.m. to help put all  the hassocks, hymn books, prayer books etc. back in place in time for our service back in Church on 5th March and to help with any last minute dusting that might be necessary.

Our Church is transformed with all the remedial work that has been carried out.  A complete face-lift with beautiful re-painted walls, new carpet and damp free – truly a place of worship that we can be proud to show off to all our visitors for the foreseeable future.  Thank you for your patience over the past 2 months but I think you will all agree that it was well worth the disruption!

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