A Flipping Good Service

What a great service. The Pancake Man from Derritt Lane came to St Mary’s to lead us in song and set the challenge to both children and adults of beating him in how many times one could flip a pancake in 30 seconds, and then a challenge of eating a cold pancake covered only in lemon juice.

Of course the service had a serious message of how Jesus was challenged in the Judaean Desert as he fasted.

Check out our Facebook page or Youtube page to see the videos. If you fancy doing something a bit different at 10.30 am on a Sunday with your family, then come to the all-age service.


2 thoughts on “A Flipping Good Service

  1. It was a fun service with a typically unprepared pianist who was never ready to play the pancake song!! Stu said he tried flipping afterwards and now has even greater respect for the pancake man’s prowess.

    1. It was a really good service – some expert pancake flippers! And as always, the piano was in fine form! 😉

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