St Michael’s Refurbishment is Complete

With great joy and expectation, St Micheal’s has completed refurbishment  on the 5th March. So far it appears that none of the congregation has been disappointed with the work. The works, completed by Richard Hardy of Barley Manor and his hardworking team, have brought the fabric of the building back to its original glory. A major project was made easier by the initial work completed by Phillip Messinger and then taken on by the team including Robin Wilson, Steve Burdock and Stephen Hayes. Robin’s eye for detail and Steve’s building knowledge enabled a complex project to be completed on time and within the agreed budget.

So many of the congregation have enabled the project to be achieved successfully by contributing their cleaning skills and muscle power! Teams of people assisted in the clearing of the church just after Christmas and then they returned to help put all the items back in place prior to the first service.

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