Holly the Donkey and which Easter egg should you buy!

Holly the Donkey came to visit St Mary’s today – she was very popular with the children, and the adults! We’d like to say a big thank you to Holly as she is pregnant and due to give birth very soon – so next Easter there maybe two donkeys at St Mary’s!

Good luck Holly!

Also, for those of you who have been following the National Trust story, Vicar Ben has suggested that we buy the Fairtrade Easter Egg that contains a little book on the Easter story, subtly named The Real Easter Egg. This way, the people who produced the cocoa get paid fairly and the true Christian message of Easter is supported, instead of the commercial companies wishing to airbrush Christianity from Easter for the sake of profit.


2 thoughts on “Holly the Donkey and which Easter egg should you buy!

  1. I agree with Ben’s suggestion but my granddaughters don’t eat chocolate (fattening) and my grandsons now buy them for their girlfriends butt think they are too adult to eat them. I however shall buy one for me!

  2. At ST. Michael’s yesterday there was a splendid baptism. It is a delight to see all the little girls dressed in pretty frocks and the boys smart and tidy for the occasion. This was a big family gathering and it is great that because of one little girl being brought into the church family, 50 adults and 20 children gathered together to share in the happening and to celebrate as one, singing (well some of them sang!) praying and listening to Ben’s sermon.

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