A fantastic article by the Archbishop about the importance of Maundy Thursday

Today we remember one of the most powerful and challenging lessons that Jesus set for us – washing the feet of his disciples.

Following Jesus means putting ourselves in that same place of humility.

We must serve others, rather than seek control over them. We must empty ourselves of power, so that others can discover their own.

Our world today needs a church that is prepared to wash feet.

Whether it’s welcoming refugees, supporting the homeless, helping to free people from debt, or the many other ministries, we are called to be a foot-washing church.

My prayer is for the Holy Spirit to enable you, me and all of us – the whole church of Jesus Christ – to be filled with a fresh vision, humility and purpose for sharing whatever gifts we have received from God with those around us.

But the disciples were also teaching us something too. We can only wash other people’s feet once we have allowed Christ to wash ours. It’s often harder to recognise that we need washing too – we can’t just be saviours!

Today, take some time to reflect on what Jesus is showing us about what it means to follow him.

We’re called to be those who are willing to be washed clean by God – AND those who are willing to kneel and serve others. Maundy Thursday is a day of remembering.

But it’s also a day when we recommit in prayer to put the love of God into action.

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