A great political debate in Bransgore

Last night St Mary’s was packed-out as the audience was treated to a cup of tea as they entered the church, and a respectful yet interesting and feisty debate. It must be said our Vicar Ben did a fantastic job of chairing the event – Bransgore’s very own David Dimbleby (or should that be Jeremy Paxman?).  The candidates presented themselves fantastically. In an area which is renown for it’s Conservative roots, it was great to see some genuine candidates who offered robust competition with thoughtful arguments (anyone who went to the last hustings will know what I mean by that comment!). If you haven’t decided who to vote for yet, it’s really worth investigating all the candidates and what they offer before you tick the box – your vote could be the one that makes a difference!

Importantly, it was a fantastic evening which promoted the hospitality of our benefice to the people of Bransgore village. Thanks to all the volunteers who made it work.

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