Our website is one of global interest!

Since December, our website has an average 290 visitors a month, it also has on average 36 posts a month (yes, that’s more posts crammed into a month than there are days!).  But not all these visitors are based in the UK, people are looking at us from across the globe, as the picture and stats from the month of May demonstrate below. The people who view us are probably either browsing the WordPress blogs, or they most likely will be linked to our benefice. However, it’s great to think that if people are on their travels they can still feel like they are part of our Church community and stay connected

So if you know of anyone in the benefice who isn’t using our website and you think they would enjoy the updates regarding our Church family and the activities we undertake, including the news stories relating to Christianity and of course, Verse of the Day – let them know what they are missing out on!





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