The Church in Parliament

A very brief article from the Church of England on how the Church interacts with Parliament.

The Church of England, as the established church, is represented in Parliament in several ways.

In the House of Lords, the 26 most senior English archbishops and bishops sit as the ‘Lords Spiritual’.

In the House of Commons the Second Church Estates Commissioner – traditionally an MP from the governing party – guides church legislation and answers questions from MPs on church matters, including once a month on the floor of the House.

The parliamentary Ecclesiastical Committee, which contains both MPs and Peers, is responsible for scrutinising Church of England legislation, prior to it being sent for approval by both Houses of Parliament.

The Speaker of the House of Commons also appoints an Anglican chaplain, whose duties include leading the Commons in prayer before each daily sitting.

Visit for more information about the work of the bishops in the House of Lords and the Second Church Estates Commissioner, including recent speeches and questions asked in Parlaiment.

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