100 and counting!

It’s 3 weeks since our film of Ben Nevis was posted on Youtube and we now have just over 100 hits (which means over 100 people have viewed it!). Not only is it great that so many people have watched our film, it is also our first film on our Youtube channel to receive over 100 hits – which is great considering it’s only been on there for a few weeks.

Of course, the important message we want to share is how great our church community is and how following Christ is not only a fulfilling and joyful experience that can change your life, but by being part of a church you get to share experiences and grow friendships and have fun with a variety of different people.

So if you know someone who may have a slightly stereotypical preconception of what church people are like, or if you know someone who might be thinking of coming back or considering going to church, maybe you could direct them to our Youtube page to see what church people are really like.


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