Sailor Sargent and the Sailors’ Society

Avast ye and shiver me timbers!

Having sailed across stormy seas full of monstrous sea monsters, living off of sea barnacles and swigging back non-alcoholic rum, Sailor Sargent and his crew mate Mel Warman came to visit St Mary’s  to spread a very important message of the miracles Jesus performed and to tell us about the Sailor’s Society.

The Sailors’ Society is a charity that has now been running for 200 years and our very own Mel Warman works for them. Over 90% of our imports come from the sea and if the sea trade was to end, our supermarket supplies would be in trouble within 14 days! Many of the vessels do not have wifi, so communication with family members is almost impossible, with sailors being away for up to 9 months at a time. The charity aims to help sailors who have been victims of pirate attacks and also stay in contact with their loved ones.

In addition, they also are helping school children in Asia who would have to swim, yes swim, 2.6km to school everyday by providing them a boat service.

If you would like to know more or even help by donating or by buying some Sailors’ Society coffee, please visit the following link:


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