Fish n chip update in case of bad weather

Fish n chip (or picnic) Friday – bad weather plan!!!
If you like fish n chips as a Friday treat, then come and join us next Friday night for a social get-together down at the beach. If fish n chips is not your thing, still come along and bring a picnic instead.
If the weather forcast is right and tomorrow evening you look outside your window and see a lot of rain, the plan is to get fish n chips from the Bransgore chippy and meet at the Vicarage at 17.30 – thanks to the Sargent family for hosting us. If it is not raining we’re going to meet at Avon Beach (near the Noisy Lobster) at 17.30.
Whatever happens it’ll still be great fun and really sociable. So bring your family, friends or just yourself and come and join us.
Final update will appear tomorrow.

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