Selfies in church? It’s not really the end of the world

This a short article from Barbara Ellen from the Guardian. It would be interesting to hear your views on this. Personally I don’t have a problem with people looking round a church taking photos, as long as they being respectful. If a service is on or people are worshipping, then I think they should wait to take their selfie photo – what do you think?

Priests at Oxford’s University Church of St Mary the Virgin, the UK’s most visited parish church, have complained about tourists taking selfies, making too much noise, being unaware that they’re in a House of God and having the attitude: “Photo or it didn’t happen.”

I sympathise if the tourists are disturbing worshippers – it can’t be easy communing with God with people pouting furiously up at their iPhones, trying to be more photogenic than the Virgin Mary. Recently, I was at the Vatican and it was notable how many people disobeyed the Sistine Chapel’s “no photography” rule. One guy had an ingenious technique involving sliding his phone up through the neck of his T-shirt.

Then again, what a nice change to hear of people being inside a British church. Unlike many other types of selfie, at least the tourist sort suggests that people are curious about their surroundings. And they are visitors and thus could be forgiven for wanting a memento. Such selfies are just a tourist trend, not the ushering in of Sodom and Gomorrah 2. So, yes, tourist selfie takers can be irritating, but so are some of the snobs who decry them.

One thought on “Selfies in church? It’s not really the end of the world

  1. Providing respect is shown I see no harm and at least those people have come into a church. For some that may be their first-time and we do not know how they will or will not be affected. As Ben was telling us from the pulpit yesterday it is God’s plan not ours. At the very least they will have a memory to keep!

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