Christian girl put into foster care with non-English speaking Muslim family

Normally on our website I try to avoid stories that cast any religion in a negative light, however this is front page news in the Times and the Telegraph today (although missing from the BBC, The Guardian and The Independent) so I decided to share it. (I found it interesting the article stated that she a white Christian – would it make a difference if she was a black Christian?! I think the point is that the Council have a disregard and lack of respect for the girl’s Christian heritage.) Your thoughts as always are encouraged. This article is from the Telegraph.

A white Christian girl was reportedly put into the care of a non-English speaking Muslim foster family where the mother wears a niqab.

The child, aged five, who speaks English as her first language, has been looked after by two different Muslim households in the past six months. She was allegedly encouraged to learn Arabic in one household and was begging not to go back there because “they don’t speak English”, according to a confidential report from the local authority seen by the Times newspaper.

She is said to have told her mother since the placement in Tower Hamlets, London, that “Christmas is stupid” and European women are “alcoholic”.

The girl was reportedly told to remove her Christian cross necklace and was not allowed to eat carbonara because it contained bacon.

In one of the homes, the mother wore a niqab, while the in the other the mother wore a burka, both of which fully cover the face.

The child and her carers have not been identified.

Local authorities are supposed to consider religious, racial, cultural and linguistic background when making fostering decisions, under The Children Act 1989 which states the authority should “have regard to the different racial groups to which children within their area who are in need belong.”

Tower Hamlets is one of the most diverse areas of the country, where only 31 per cent of the population were white British at the time of the 2011 census. It is not known whether the council has a shortage of white British foster carers.

Tower Hamlets council have not said why the fostering decision was made.

A spokesman for the council told the Telegraph: “We are unable to comment on individual cases or those that are subject to court proceedings.

“Tower Hamlets Council’s  fostering service provides a loving and stable home for hundreds of children every year, and in every case, we give absolute consideration to our children’s background and to their cultural identity.

“All our foster carers receive training and support from the council to ensure they are fully qualified to meet the needs of the children in their care.”

One thought on “Christian girl put into foster care with non-English speaking Muslim family

  1. It is difficult to make a fair comment when so few facts are known. There are no details about why the child had to be removed from the care of her own mother and what the risks were if she remained with her. I feel if possible the religion of the child should be a major consideration but the people knowing all the facts had to decide what to do for the best. My heart goes out to this little girl who is suffering because for reasons unknown to us her own mother couldn’t fulfil her role.

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