Rosa’s Christening at St Mary’s 

I’m actually posting a personal article for the first time on our website. We were very blessed to have Rosa Christened on Sunday. Rosa first attended St Mary’s aged 2 days old!

Just to say a big thank you to all the St Mary’s congregation who came to the 10.30 Sunday service and took part in the celebration of Rosa’s Christening.
We had approximately 150 people come and celebrate the occasion. Nearly every guest commented on how welcoming, warm and friendly the congregation are and that you can really feel the community spirit. People also mentioned how fantastic it is that the church was decorated with art by the children, and of course, everyone said how good the vicar and the service was (some even said they wish they had a vicar like Ben at their church!).

So from Rosa – thanks to all who helped with the service and the party and thanks to all those who did a great job of celebrating! 
Of course whilst this post is based on St Mary’s it really reflects on our benefice, All Saints, St Mary’s and St Michael’s are part of a fantastic community, and it is a wonderful reflection on how lucky are three churches are to have Ben as our vicar and have such a positive and amazing congregation.

2 thoughts on “Rosa’s Christening at St Mary’s 

  1. And why not. Your post about Rosa’s baptism was important. Thanks for sharing with those of us who were worshipping elsewhere.

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  2. What lovely feedback from visitors! Ben is an excellent vicar and we are blessed to have him leading us. It was a great day and I am so glad that guests found St Mary’s welcoming. It was a great day. My children were so excited about the party beforehand and definitely weren’t disappointed. Rachel did such a good job on the ice cream stall!

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