Hinton 21

Hinton 21 is a project that aims:

“to expand general awareness of, and interest in, Hinton Church outside the immediate congregation and parish – leading to a wider involvement in, and support of, its financial viability”.                                                                                                                

In short, we are writing to people who have had a connection with Hinton Church over the past few years, and to as many other local people as possible, attempting to further engage their interest in our lovely Church in whatever sense that appeals to them (historical, community, spiritual or whatever) and to support us financially into the future.

A comprehensive database of people has been compiled, and a very careful mail shot has been devised, and September 8th saw members of the project team finally putting it all together ready for posting. Tea and (several flavours of) cookies were provided by Shirley Messinger while our overall co-ordinator Shirley Burke carried out the final check.

So at long last, “Hinton 21” is launched!! We hope for a positive response.

Taken from Hinton Happenings.

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