What’s up doc…….ter Sargent?

Dr Sargent was rabbiting on today about the Reformation. With a live band, an interactive service with some (dodgy!!) participation and acting from the church members, a film clip, a quiz and of course a great talk, it was a great service for all the family.

It can be hard spreading the word and inviting people to church for the first time. But if you know someone or a family who you think may enjoy the experience of Church and maybe a bit nervous or unsure – invite them to the informal family service at St Mary’s on the first of the month – who knows where it may lead!

One thought on “What’s up doc…….ter Sargent?

  1. It was a really good service and my children remembered lots of bits from the sermon – especially the crazy belief that Moses had horns! Family service is a great one to invite friends to so that they get an introduction both to the gospel and the church family.

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