St Michael’s Harvest Festival

  • Taken from Hinton Happenings:

    Preparations for our Harvest celebrations began well before the service when a group of men and women gathered to decorate St. Michael’s Church.
    There were people arranging flowers, some climbing high to reach the places othercouldn’t, tins and packets being piled on the font all accompanied by a buzz of happy companionship chatter. By the time the large congregation gathered for thanks, praise and worship the atmosphere of a country church had been created.
    Ben welcomed everyone and said how delighted he was to see us all and to know rousing hymns would be sung, and so they were. He also welcomed Father Darrol who gave a thought provoking address during the service.
    Gone are the days of bringing fresh garden produce as people who are struggling to feed their families, need basic foods that fortunately they can obtain from the food bank. For this reason our gifts were of a practical nature and easy to cook.
    Celebrations continued after the service at The Globe in Highcliffe where about 30 people gathered for lunch. Once everyone was seated, Canon Sessford came forward to say a thoughtful and touching grace. Stephen announced that the Harvest Loaf made by Shirley Messinger would be passed round for each person to tear off a piece to have with lunch. The food was good, the company pleasant and the drinks welcomed. Thanks to Vera Schwarb for organising the venue and working out individual bills and to Stephen Hayes our Church Warden and Jill his wife for collecting the money.

    Harvest Gifts

    Steve and I were able to deliver 176 items from our Harvest
    Festival to the New Forest Basics Bank. This was 50 more
    than last year.
    The Basics Bank’s stock was extremely low before October,
    which is the month when they receive a large number of
    donations from Harvest gifts.
    The volunteers were very grateful and I pass on their thanks for our generosity.
    Liz Burdock

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