Theresa May reveals how her faith in God gives her confidence she is doing the right thing

Taken from the Independent

Theresa May has described how her faith in God makes her convinced she is “doing the right thing” as Prime Minister.

In a rare interview – in which she said the “hugely challenging” task of Brexit leaves her with little time for sleep – Ms May opened up about her Christian beliefs.

Speaking with the Sunday Times, the Prime Minister was asked how she steeled herself for the job and the tough decisions ahead,

She replied: “It’s about, ‘Are you doing the right thing?’ If you know you are doing the right thing, you have the confidence, the energy to go and deliver that right message.”

Asked if that was a “moral” approach, Ms May added: “I suppose there is something in terms of faith.

“I am a practising member of the Church of England and so forth, that lies behind what I do.

“It’s not like I’ve decided to do what I’m going to do and I’m stubborn. I’ll think it through, have a gut instinct, look at the evidence, work through the arguments, because you have to think through the unintended consequences.”

In the interview, the Prime Minister admitted that it was the “really complex issues” at play in the process of leaving the EU that meant that “in this job you don’t get much sleep”.

She said: “It is a moment of change. It is a hugely challenging time. And we need to get on with the deal in terms of Brexit. And I’m very conscious of that.

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