Interactive Nativity – Christmas Eve at 4.00!!


Christmas in Bransgore just wouldn’t be the same without this amazing service on Christmas Eve at 4.00pm at St Mary’s!

  • Come and receive a complementary glass of mulled wine (or something else) and a mince pie as you come in from the cold – come on, you know it’ll be snowing in preparation for a white Christmas!
  • Come dressed as any nativity character (or tenuously related Christmas character) you like to take part in our interactive nativity. Feel hurt that you were overlooked to play Joseph? Come and amaze us with your creative post-modern interpretation of the role…
  • Come and sing your Christmas socks of with some amazing carols, including Away in a Manger, Hark the Herald and O Come, All ye Faithful
  • Come and discover how Santa began using his catchphrase and reflect a bit on the true meaning of Christmas
  • Come and support people in our local area who need basic necessities by bringing donations to our basics bank collection point.

Happy Christmas!


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