Lead Theft at St Mary’s Church

I’m very sorry to say that a substantial amount of lead has been stolen from the roof of St Mary’s Church. When it rained heavily last weekend, we noticed lots of water coming into the office and kitchen. When we inspected the roof we were surprised to see just how much was taken. The gullies between the kitchen and the office and between the kitchen and the hall have been stripped bare. The stones covering the flashing on the corridor (pictured) have been dislodged and the flashing taken.

We don’t know when this took place – any time in the last few weeks. The lead has smartwater on it (and we have signs saying so) and we have a security camera and light (this has happened before…) but this does not seemed to have been a deterrent. If anyone has any information on this, you can report it anonymously by calling 101. The crime number is 44180154061.

What we’re trying to do at St Mary’s is so much greater than just keeping our wonderful historic building fit for purpose. The real frustration of this theft is that it’s a distraction from the much greater challenge of serving Jesus Christ and the people of our fantastic village!

5 thoughts on “Lead Theft at St Mary’s Church

  1. I am so sorry to read this. I agree with your comment at the end.
    Shirley b

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    1. Thanks for the info. The details have gone to the police who say they’re most likely to investigate if there’s a pattern of similar offences.

  2. Wow. Just wow.

    I’ve been on that roof so many times to repair tiles, clear gulleys and fit the gulley protectors as church warden. It’s slippery and difficult to navigate; and the broken slate

    That is no small achievement to cause that much theft and damage without killing oneself in the process! Therefore skill and experience required and hopefully finger prints may link the two thefts?

    Therefore, it’s trained ability

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