A weekend of music and marvelling!

We’ve got another packed few days of great events for you coming up this weekend:

  • Friday night –  organ concert at St Michael’s 

PPP concert

  • On Saturday morning, there’s a prayer meeting at 9.30 at St Mary’s where we pray for the needs of our community. All welcome.
  • On Saturday evening, we’ve got a tremendous evening of baroque musical marvels in the equally baroque splendour of All Saints:


  • On Sunday Morning, we’ve got four great services to choose from:
    • 8.00am Tradition Communion at St Mary’s with the vicar
    • 9.15am Sung Communion at St Michael’s with Canon Alan Sessford
    • 9.20am Sung Communion at All Saints with the vicar
    • 10.30am All Age Worship at St Mary’s

At the All Age Service, we’ll be thinking about the question: Is it reasonable to believe in God? Age-old philosophical arguments will be laid out simply, visually and interactively for your enjoyment and consideration. Whether you’re three or ninety-three, there’ll be plenty to get your teeth into (assuming you still have them at ninety-three). There’ll also be great music and refreshments. Please come along!

This is a bonus episode in our series exploring whether it is reasonable to be a Christian and whether the modern western alternatives are any better. You can listen to the talks in the series so far on the ‘recent talks’ page of this site.

Is it reasonable

2 thoughts on “A weekend of music and marvelling!

  1. This is great representing all 3 churches with good illustrations eyc. Anyone browsing would be interested.

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