Beach trip, Disney-themed Church@4 and a chance to think about God and science: another cracking weekend coming up!

After two brilliant concerts and a chance to get stuck in to the question of why it’s reasonable to believe in God last week, this weekend promises to be just a great (if slightly wetter)!

  • On Saturday, we’re meeting from 6.00pm (or earlier) at Avon Beach, near the Noisy Lobster, for some fish and chips by the sea. Yum! Bring as much beach apparatus as you like and, if the conditions are ok, there’ll be an adult swimming session with the vicar of about 500 metres!

man on beach

  • At our Sunday morning services (8.00 and 10.30 at St Mary’s Bransgore; 9.15 at St Michael’s Hinton and 9.20 at All Saints Thorney Hill) we’ll be thinking about the question ‘Is it reasonable to believe in God and love science?‘ Some of the talks (in Bransgore and Thorney Hill) will be given by Larry Sampson from Moorlands College who used to be a biology student. We’re often told that God and science are incompatible. If you know anything about the history of science, you’ll know that this is bonkers! But there’s a myth that still needs unpacking – so come and find out more on Sunday morning!

Is it reasonable

  • Then on Sunday afternoon we’ve got a (hoping not to be sued…) Disney-themed Church@4 service at St Mary’s Bransgore. This is an informal service for all ages with plenty for young and old to get their teeth into – quite literally, actually, because there’s a sandwich and cakes tea provided. If you feel like doing so, come dressed as your favourite Disney character!

Church@4 Summer 18

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