Is it reasonable to be an atheist? Morning talks and moth collecting this weekend.

This weekend is one for the intellectually curious of any age!

  • On Friday night (from 9pm) we’ll be setting up light traps to humanely capture moths in our ancient natural churchyard before conducting a survey on Saturday morning. Come along to St Mary’s Resource Centre on Saturday morning at 10am to see the amazing biodiversity of our local moth population and have all your questions answered by our visiting moth expert and Bransgore’s growing legion of moth enthusiasts! Refreshments provided.
Yes, it is a different moth! You’ll know the difference after Saturday…
  • At our Sunday morning services (8.00 Bransgore; 9.15 Hinton and 10.30 Bransgore – 9.20 Thorney Hill will be a bit different), we’ll be exploring the question, ‘is it reasonable to be an atheist?‘ It’s often assumed that atheism is the logical alternative to Christianity, but how logical is it? What is the evidence for atheism? Come and find out a little bit about the history of modern atheism and some of its leading proponents – there’s even going to be bit on Friedrich Nietzsche. Stick around to ask the vicar your killer atheism-related question afterwards. He’s speaking at a conference at Oxford on Saturday, so it much be good to take him down a notch or two!

Is it reasonable

  • Finally, on Sunday evening, in the stunning setting of All Saints Thorney Hill, as the sun gently goes down, there’ll be the perfect end to the weekend at our informal evening service – we’ll be exploring the theme of getting older well (something we all need to do)! The service is at 7pm and is followed by refreshments.


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