Lead theft at All Saints Thorney Hill

Yes, I’m afraid you read that right! Not even two months after the theft at St Mary’s, the beautiful little All Saints Church has once again become a victim of crime (the last lead theft there was in 2013 and was generously paid for by local people).

Last night, a group of people caused some damage to the Community Centre before breaking into the churchyard via a locked side gate. The barricaded the main gate into the churchyard, before taking the seats out of the back of their car (leaving them in the churchyard) and filling up the car with lead. They took about 24 square metres and left some damage to the roof and the churchyard.

If you have any information, you call 101 and give the crime number 44180233303.

Again, this is so very frustrating and a real distraction from our work in the community here. Pictures below:


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