Need cheering up after the football? Come and watch the final at St Mary’s and come to our garden party on Saturday

“Does that mean that football isn’t coming home?” my five year old daughter asked with an expression of deep sadness on her face as we switched off the TV on Wednesday. We all need cheering up this weekend – here’s how we can help…

Instead of our usual Church@4, on Sunday afternoon at 3.30 we’ll have a short all-age service followed by a live screening of the final in church. There’ll be sandwiches and cakes and popcorn. Feel free to bring some of your own booze (and drink responsibly) and deckchairs, recliners or any seating you think might be more comfortable than our lovely cushioned church seats.

Whilst, as you can imagine, I had loads of ideas for a Croat themed service, it’s still a bit raw, so the theme of the service will be….France! Come and celebrate all things French as we divert our eyes from the football for a moment to hear about the King of kings – Roi sur le roi (? – as you’ll discover on Sunday, my French is shocking).


If you’re now trying to forget about football for the next four years, come along to our classic Church Garden Party at St Michael’s Reading Room (home of the Outdoor Learning Centre) in Hinton at 3.00pm on Saturday. There’ll be a raffle with a serious cash prize, produce stall, cream teas and everything you’d expect to find in a proper traditional garden party.


Our Sunday morning services will feature a talk on identity politics and explore the question ‘Is it reasonable to want to be a victim of society?’ This is the last part of our series exploring whether the Christian faith is really worth believing and whether there are better alternatives, one of which, for many people, is identity politics. Other talks in the series can be found on the ‘recent talks’ page of this site.

Is it reasonable

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