This Sunday@10.30: Three reasons to be cheerful at the end of summer/back to school/back to work

Well you might not have had the best summer – over the last six weeks you might have remembered just how annoying your family is and the new term can’t begin soon enough! The summer holiday you spent thousands on and were looking forward to through the cold winter month was just a bit….meh!

Perhaps like me, though, you loved the bonus amount of sunshine we had this year, felt like you got to know your family a little bit better and made some happy memories on holiday and now you can’t quite believe that its coming to an end. The evenings are drawing in, the weather has returned to predictable and perpetual dampness. If you’ve got children, you may like me be feeling that sense of fear, sadness and excitement as they start a new school, or move up a year and move another step away from being your baby!

Come along to our service at St Mary’s for all ages this coming Sunday morning at 10.30 and hear about three great reasons (from the Bible) to be cheerful and excited about September this year! It’s an informal service with a band and an interactive talk with refreshments served after. If you live in Bransgore, the chances are that you’ll know someone else who’s going to be there. Come and be encouraged!


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