Godzone pause for half a term: please share

After a great deal of consideration, we’ve decided to pause our afterschool club, Godzone, until after the half term break. We realise that this will be a real inconvenience for some (and apologise), but I’m sure that the parents of our regular users will understand. The reasons for the pause are positive and negative.

For a while now, we’ve had a slight shortage of leaders due to the age profile of our congregation getting younger and hence working and unable to help. Our long-serving team of volunteers have been doing a great job, but need a bit more of a rest and the chance to step down without any sense of guilt.

We also want to radically rethink what sort of afterschool club Godzone is. So far, Godzone has been a time of organised craft, activities, teaching and free play. We’d like to start it again with a focus that may not suit everyone, but will fit in better with the skills and enthusiasms of our volunteers, whilst also filling a need in the village. It’s no secret that we’ve sometimes struggled with behaviour at Godzone and we hope that a clearer idea of what the club is about will help us to be clearer about what behaviour is appropriate and what is not.

When we restart, Godzone (which will be renamed) will be a music club with a Christian flavour and some Christian input. We’ll be running a choir, offering basic piano and percussion teaching and teaching some music theory. We have some wonderful musical skills in our Church family and some very well-qualified musicians and this will be a real opportunity for children to learn and enjoy music. More information will be out in due course, but I hope this is something which will interest you and your children.

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