It really was the greatest show….

Church@4 delivered a million dreams and really was the greatest show on a Sunday afternoon.

There was magic with fire, juggling lessons, sing-alongs to the songs from the Greatest Showman, hymns, food and drink, and a lesson from the Bible.

The Church@4 is a once-a-month family orientated, child friendly informal service (but child-free grown-ups of any age are encouraged to attend as well). The services are aimed at people who do not normally go to church, or are unsure or hesitant about attending on a Sunday morning. The aim is for people to come and find out more about their local church community in a friendly, safe and fun environment. And of course most importantly, it gives people an opportunity to find out about the truly greatest show of all, the life-changing experience of learning about Jesus Christ.

The next service is a pet-themed service, Yes! we need you to bring your pets to church. It is the 14th October at St Marys @4 – it would be great if you could encourage or invite any families or friends from the local community who may not ordinarily attend to come and experience this church service.




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