And he rode into Bransgore on the back of a donkey….

Today for Palm Sunday we had a very special visitor. Not the Vicar, but his trusty steed*. The donkey was a great reminder of how Christ arrived triumphantly in Jerusalem, which according to the Gospel of John was six days before the passover.

To mark the occasion of when the people of Jerusalem celebrated the arrival of their King by waving palms, the children and adults today received a palm cross to take home.

There will be numerous services taking place over the Easter weekend, the details of which can be found on this website. If you are not a regular visitor and are wondering what it’s all about and have young children (or even if you don’t have children – just bring yourself), then why not come along to the informal all-age service at 16.00  ay St Mary’s this Friday. It has music, sandwiches and other tasty treats for tea, plus a fun interactive talk.

*The Donkey wasn’t actually Ben’s, nor sadly did he ride it to the service. But a massive thank you to Helen Safe for bringing us a very special guest today.



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