A special night to celebrate and observe Passover in the benefice

Last night members of the benefice gathered together to have a traditional Passover service and meal.

The community from All Saints, St Michael’s and St Mary’s came together at St Mary’s church in Bransgore for a service of prayer, reflection and song. There was the washing of feet and the sharing of leaven bread. There was also a sit down dinner which all the congregation enjoyed.

This was a really special night to observe the Passover and it was enjoyed by all who came. A huge thank you to all the volunteers who cooked, served and tidied-up.

If you want to come and join this special community and find out what Easter is really all about, come along to one of the Easter services this weekend – details are on this website.

3 thoughts on “A special night to celebrate and observe Passover in the benefice

  1. Dear James, Please may i use this in Hinton Happenings. I didn’t take any photos and these are good. May I also use your words. What a moving evening it was. Easter Blessings Shirley ________________________________

    1. Hi Shirley,
      Of course you can use the photos and words- you’re more than welcome to use them. It was a fantastic evening and was really nice to spend an evening in such great company.

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