A new banner to celebrate the life of Ruth Perkins

As well as the joyful and triumphant celebration of Easter Sunday, the Sunday service at St Mary’s was also a special occasion as it saw the unveiling of the new banner at St Mary’s Church to remember Ruth Perkins. The banner was kindly donated to the church by the Perkins family, who were at the service to see the banner in all its glory.

The banner was erected by Jason Gifford and Stuart Hulbert who spent Thursday evening going up and down ladders. Of course, the real hard work resided with the supervision skills provided by Ben Sargent and James Tazzyman, who bravely made cups of tea, ate biscuits, took photos and acted as ballast for the ladders when Jason and Stuart ascended the giddy heights to hang the banner.

The banner is a glorious piece of resplendent art that brightens up the church and alleviates the church hall with jubilance and bliss. It is a fitting tribute to remember the life and contribution that Ruth Perkins made to our church community. On the banner is Ruth’s favourite passage from Psalm 139:14 which she had by her bedside, which brought Ruth comfort and hope: I praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

The banner was made by the very talented Gail Lawther whose work can be seen on her website http://gaillawther.co.uk/. Gail helped us immensely with every part of the creative process, taking our very unformed ideas and coming up with this splendid creation.


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