Is it really true that you just need to be true to yourself?

We’ve all seen them: the Facebook posts that tell us we’re awesome – sometimes inspiring, sometimes cheesy, sometimes with spelling mistakes… (But, of course, no one has the right to tell YOU how to spell the words YOU want to create!). The basic advice is that when faced with one of life’s many dilemmas, the best course of action is just to do what you want to do. Follow your heart/dreams/nose/instincts/innate sense of self-righteousness. Anything is possible if you just believe. But how right are we when we share this advice? Does it really help people the way we think it will? Is it really true that you just need to be true to yourself? Could it be another destructive misconception of our materialistic society – like the idea that your worth as a person is determined by the value of your house or car, the number of friends you have on social media, the likes you got for your last selfie, your weight…?

Come and find out more this coming Sunday morning (9.15 at St Michael’s Hinton Admiral or 10.30 at St Mary’s Bransgore). This is part of our series looking at post-modern questions about God, the Bible and life. Past talks available on this website.

is it really true

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