Is it really true that God hates diversity?

I’ve never liked Diversity. It has no place in decent society. Of course, they’re definitely talented, but I think Britain’s Got Talent is best served by performing dog routines rather than complex displays of choreographic genius.

Anyway…why is it that Christianity is often seen as the enemy of diversity in modern society? Is it really true that Christianity is just a tool for white, middle-class, western, heterosexual world domination: the Patriarchy?! Of course, there may sadly always be people who profess to be Christians who are racist or misogynist, just as there are people like this in every walk of life. But what is the evidence for the portrayal of Christianity and, indeed, God himself as the enemy of diversity? That’s what we’ll be looking into in the talks in Bransgore (10.30am) and Hinton (9.15am) this coming Sunday (21st July).

(The picture shows the Reformation Monument in Geneva plastered in rainbow colours last week)

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