Three Peaks Adventure starts soon!

We’ve got a great team heading off to climb Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon on Friday 20th September. It’s going to be hard work, but well worth it! We could still fit another (fit and healthy) person in. Get in touch if you’re interested!

Here’s a bit more important info: a more detailed itinerary, a kit list and a cost break-down.


  • Friday
    • 9.00am leave from St Mary’s car park in 17 seater minibus
    • 1.00pm lunch stop at Norton Cannes services
    • 7.00pm arrive in Fort William, dropping off at the Ben Nevis Bunkhouse and Glen Nevis Campsite
    • 8.30pm Dinner at the Ben Nevis Inn
  • Saturday
    • 6.00am meet at the Ben Nevis Bunkhouse to begin the ascent of Ben Nevis
    • 11-11.30am begin journey to the Lake District
    • 4-4.30pm arrive at Wasdale Head to climb Scafell Pike
    • 9.00pm Dinner at Wasdale Head Inn
    • 10.00pm drive to Borrowdale Bunkhouse
  • Sunday
    • 8.00am leave for Snowdonia after a nice lie-in and a porridge breakfast (cooked by the vicar)
    • 1.00pm arrive at Pen y Pass
    • 5.00pm arrive back at the minibus and return to Bransgore
    • 10.30-11.00pm arrive back in Bransgore

Stuff to bring. Obviously, you’ll need serious shoes/boots, lightweight waterproof and clothing suitable to keep you warm/cool in any weather from baking heat to snow, as well as water bottles sufficient for up to five hours of walking. Obviously, you’ll want stuff to keep clean and smell nice. These are a few other things that may be less obvious:

  • Lots of high energy snacks – good carbs, not just sugary things.
  • Something to eat for breakfast on Saturday
  • Vacuum flask – a hot cup of tea on a cold mountain is one of the best things in life
  • A head torch – this will be essential in the descent of Scarfell Pike on Saturday
  • A sleeping bag – no bedding is provided in either of the bunkhouses
  • A camping matt or inflatable mattress – the Borrowdale Bunkhouse has no mattresses. A pump will be taken with us.
  • A CD for everyone to enjoy in the minibus – perhaps not your most hardcore album – I’m thinking Queen’s Greatest Hits, Led Zeppelin Mothership, that sort of thing.
  • Whatever helps you with your recovery. I’m a fan of 2XU compression leggings (much to the horror of my wife). Think about what will help your body manage hours of climbing followed by hours of sitting down.
  • Loads of nice socks
  • Plasters
  • Nice shoes to change into
  • Mosquito repellant – the vicar had most of his blood drained during the Ben Nevis trip in 2017.

Money: we’ve tried to run this event at cost and I hope you’ll consider it great value for money. Nothing will be paid for out of sponsorship money – that all goes to charity. If you could work out what you need to pay and pay the vicar, that would be amazing. Here’s a breakdown of the costs:

  • £11 per day that you’re using the minibus
  • £8 contribution towards the Borrowdale Bunkhouse
  • £10 contribution towards the campsite if you’re staying in the tent, rather than the Ben Nevis Bunkhouse
  • £7 contribution for fuel for each day that you use the minibus – if we use less, you’ll be reimbursed.

You’ll also need to buy/bring lunches and we’ll have two pub dinners out too. If that’s not clear, someone who is using the minibus Friday-Sunday and staying in the tent on Friday night will need to pay £72. Someone using the minibus each day but using the Ben Nevis Bunkhouse (which you will have paid for already), will need to pay £62. Someone using the minibus only on Saturday and Sunday will need to pay £44. I hope that’s ok. The cost of going on another Three Peaks challenge where you drive yourself is £259! If payment is a problem, speak to the vicar.

Sponsor us at

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