General Election Debate: 29th Nov

However we feel about the current state of British politics, it’s a great privilege to be able to choose our own leaders and hold them to account for their actions. It’s a privilege to live in a country where no leader or aspiring leader is above public scrutiny: a privilege denied to many across the globe. So please come along to our General Election debate at St Mary’s Church in Bransgore at 7pm on the 29th November. You’ll be able to ask candidates questions and meet them in person. You’ll be able to put faces to the names on the ballot paper and make a informed choice.

GE 2019

One thought on “General Election Debate: 29th Nov

  1. Unfortunately I cannot come to this debate. I would like to say please can all major parties stop mud slinging and concentrate on major problems with homelessness and climate change. I feel Brexit is masking austerity and other internal problems

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