The Christingle Service

Today marked the beginning of the Christmas period celebrations at St Mary’s. The service was very busy and full of people both young and old (and in-between). There was a great and informative interactive festive talk, and of course the children enjoyed making the Christingle with the raisons, sweets and candles (even the grown-up children enjoyed it!).

The Christingle symbolises the light of Christ. The red ribbon wrapped around the orange represents Christ’s love, whilst the orange symbolises the world. The four sticks represent the four seasons with the sweets and raisons representing God’s creations.

The actual origins of the Christingle Service began in a Moravian church in Germany in 1747. The minster, a John de Watteville presented a candle with a red ribbon wrapped round it to symbolise the light of the world, Jesus Christ. The service would be finished in prayer with the final words:

‘Lord Jesus, kindle a flame in these children’s hearts, that theirs like Thine become’.




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