Meeting offline this Sunday!

This Sunday (5th July) we will be having the first service in one of our buildings since the lockdown.

The service will be at St Mary’s Bransgore at 10.30am, will last for about 30 minutes and will be socially distanced. We hope you can join us if you feel able to do so!

Online services will also be available for the foreseeable future for those who are unable to be at a service in person.

There are, as yet, no firm plans to resume services at St Michael’s Hinton or All Saints Thorney Hill.

4 thoughts on “Meeting offline this Sunday!

    1. I’m afraid we’ve not planned a date yet, as the rules for communion make the service rather odd at the moment and we’re keen for it to be the real thing when it resumes. I hope that will be in September. If we have a service before that, possibly at All Saints Thorney Hill, I’ll let you know.

    1. We’re not yet open at Thorney Hill, I’m afraid, but we may be able to open on Saturday afternoons as we normally do soon.

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