Sunday 21st Feb

St Michael’s will be open for prayer on Sunday morning, 9-10am. Please join us online via the YouTube service below and on Zoom at 9.30am (details available on request). We’d love to find out from you when you would consider it safe to return to Church in person. It is legally possible to do this already following government regulations, but we’d be interested in hearing at what point you’d decide to return. This is about your personal decision-making, not so much about when you think services in person should be available to others. It’s often hard to accurately guess the feelings of others and this can lead to poor decision making. To help us, please visit this survey – it only has one question and should take a few seconds:

The YouTube service is available here:

The order of service for Zoom is available here:

For an important announcement about the future of our parishes, please visit this page of our website:

Parish Reorganisation – Benefice of Bransgore and Hinton Admiral

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