Sunday 21st March

This Sunday we have a service in person at St Mary’s at 4pm, as well as online services on YouTube and on Zoom at 9.30am. St Michael’s will also be open for personal prayer between 9-10am.

Here is the link to the YouTube service:

Login details for the Zoom service are available on request and the service sheet is here:

Next Sunday – Palm Sunday – we have three services in person, as well as our online services. These are:

9.00am Holy Communion at St Michael’s Hinton

10.30am Holy Communion at Burley Parish Church

4.00pm Afternoon Service at St Mary’s Bransgore

Easter Services:

On Easter Saturday, we’re running a Treasure Hunt, 11am-3pm, starting and finishing at St Mary’s Bransgore.

Sign up for tickets here:

There’ll be a 9.00am Communion service at St Michael’s which is also ticketed for safety reasons. Sign up here:

There’ll also be 10.30am Communion services in Bransgore and Burley Churches.

3 thoughts on “Sunday 21st March

  1. Hello Ben
    We would like to join you for the service at 4 on Sunday. We are a family of 5 with 3 teenagers and a family of 4 with 2 infant children and a baby.
    Will this be ok or do we have to book?

    1. Dear Kevin, it’ll be lovely to welcome you all on Sunday at 4pm! There was plenty of space last Sunday and no need to book. Ben

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