Bransgore to Canterbury completed!

Early on Tuesday evening the citizens of Canterbury were amazed to see four weary, lycra-clad travellers approach their mighty cathedral. ‘Where have you come from?’ they asked. When they heard that the travellers had journeyed all the way from the famous city of Bransgore in just two days, they marvelled at this great achievement and poured the contents of their wallets into the sweaty cycle helmets of the noble pilgrims…well not quite.

Thank you so much to the team of Mike, Chris, James, Michael, Ben, Phillip and Shirley. Thank you so much to all of you who so generously supported this and offered your sponsorship. Initial estimates suggest that we’ve raised about £2k to support the work of the parish. Thank you!

One thought on “Bransgore to Canterbury completed!

  1. A fantastic (yet strenuous) experience with a great team. But most importantly, a big thank you to all those who donated and supported us.

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