Update from Hinton

Revision of Church Electoral Roll for April 2017

The revision of the Church Electoral Roll is due to take place in preparation for the APCM on Thursday 27th   April 2016. When we are back in the church for our services you will see attached to the main door a notice informing any new person who would like to be included on the electoral roll to complete an electoral roll form by the 27th  March 2016. The forms are in the folder at the back of the church so please complete a form and leave it in the folder so that your name can be added to the roll. If you need any further information please have a chat with me or the Churchwardens. I would be grateful if anyone knows of any persons that need to be removed or any amendments made from the roll to please let me know as soon as possible. Many thanks

Jill Hayes jill.hayes@ntlworld.com Church Electoral Roll Officer 14.01.2017

Update on the Damp Project

As you will all be aware the work has started on the internal damp proofing in the church and, after the first few weeks, the builders have progressed really well. The interior is fully protected and the builders have removed all the old render from the walls. Columba Cook, our supervising Architect, has visited to monitor progress before the walls are covered with the damp proofing material. The Newton damp proof membrane system is now being applied to the walls. Once the new plaster is applied to the walls the church will receive a new coat of paint. Without being too optimistic, this may mean that we are able to get the church back earlier than originally planned.


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