Time to get back together: this Sunday at 10.30am

It’s been a tough few years since 2016 – if your family is anything like mine, you’ll have felt some pain and shared some angry words because we can’t find common ground on Britain’s EU membership. Perhaps now is the time to draw a line, to come together and remember what we have in common and reflect on what can truly bring us all together.

This Sunday morning at St Mary’s Bransgore 10.30 service we’ll be doing just that. In case you’re worried, this won’t be about politics, nor will it be triumphalistic or a time to mourn. This is a time to pray for the healing of our society as we face the future together! I really hope you’ll be there.

The service is suitable for all ages, has great music and a band, has a talk from the Bible about Jesus Christ, refreshments at the end and lasts for about 40 minutes.

2 thoughts on “Time to get back together: this Sunday at 10.30am

    1. Yes, we’re Church of England, June. Do come and visit us. Every Sunday at 10.30 in Bransgore. You’ll be made very welcome!

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